About us

Who We Are

Hermes is one of the trading companies and a commercial platform that covers the whole countries in the world. It exports, imports and trades meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits and dairy products, etc. for all worldwide. Hermes is based in USA, Georgia state.

It is a worldwide Halal product supplier and ready to meet your requirements to provide the best quality and service to our clients. Furthermore, we support our customers in their local production and marketing operations. Cuts and packaging can be customized according to our customer’s requirements.

Main Products:

• Meat:

Hermes can provide and export all cuts of Lamb such as (Carcass, Lamb Leg, Lamb Shoulder, etc.), Beef such as (Top Side, Flank, Ribeye, Chuck, Knuckle, etc.), and Veal like (Booby Veal, Veal Compensated, and so on) with Halal Certificate.

• Fish and Seafood:

Hermes has all kinds of Fish such as Tilapia, Mackerel, Golden Pomfret, Hake HGT, Sea Bream, pangasius, Fillet Pangasius, and other types of Seafood.

• Poultry:

Hermes exports its costumers their requirements of Whole Chicken and Chicken cuts like Breast, Liver, Chicken Leg Quarter, Shawarma, Gizzards, etc. with Halal certificate.

• Food Stuff:

In addition, Hermes can provide you Diary Products, Oils like (Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, etc.), Sugar, Rice, Vegetables like Peas, peas and Carrots, Green Bean, Mix Vegetables, etc., Fruits like Strawberry, Raspberry, etc., and another Food Stuff.



Our Mission:

• Product requirements and customer service.
• Take responsibility, ensuring long-lasting relationships.
• develop business relationships and export high quality products at competitive prices.
• serve our customers in an efficient way.
• develop and improve trade processes.
• provide the best quality and service.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to understand your business and survey your market by understanding your needs, so we can offer you the best service, and support.
So be sure and trust that all what you need and want from Hermes today and in Future will be in highest quality and as you want.

We have a vision to become a leading provider of food products by offering the highest quality to our customers and to become the choice number one for wide segment of customers and markets.