Date: 20 Nov 2018
Cat: Chicken



Hermes exports its costumers their requirements of Whole Chicken and Chicken cuts like Breast, Liver, Chicken Leg Quarter, Shawarma, Gizzards, etc. with Halal certificate.
We deliver a full range of Whole Griller Chicken and Poultry cuts from all countries like Brazil, US, Europe, etc. Our customers are importers in the following sectors: food service, retail distributors and for food processing industries.


we can supply these products:


Whole Griller Chicken
Breast bone-in, skin-on with inner fillet. .
Breast boneless, skinless without inner fillet.
Drumstick and Thigh.
Chicken Leg Quarter.
03 Joint Wings.
Thigh boneless, skin-on.
Whole Leg , bone-in, skin-in.
Chicken Breast halves, boneless, skinless.
Middle Joint Wings.
Wings Tip.
Chicken Back.
Chicken Sausage.


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